Friday, January 30, 2009

#80 Try Patron's Anejo Tequila - Must Sip, not Shoot

Patron is a brand of Tequila produced in Mexico and made entirely from agave. And that is supposed to be a thing to be desired. I've never been a tequila fan, except for via shots in darkly lit clubs. Patron's Anejo is supposed to be a sipping tequila. A robust, strong-bodied spirit that connoisseurs of Tequila will hold in their mouth and sample the full texture and taste of the liquid, all while discussing politics and other matters of consequences.

My friend, Hanley, is such a man. He gave me all the instructions and feedback necessary to enjoy such a fine tequila, and then we poured two glasses. We sipped, he enjoyed, and I nearly vomited.

#80 is done. Thankfully.


Hanley said...
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Hanley said...

Nearly vomited? What would Ernest think? At least you sipped it. We'll do a extra anejo sometime. Those are awesome.

Martin said...

I'm willing to try the extra anejo. I'll keep my expectations low, ha.

David said...

You might find Sauza Tres Generaciones Anejo to be more palatable. Most tequila invokes stomach spasms for me, but the above tequile was delectable.