Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The List

Oh right, the list...

1. Create my list of 101 goals and post it online
2. Blog about each completed task
3. Inspire 5 people to start a 101 in 1001 blog
4. Compete in regional Golden Gloves boxing tournament
5. Spend at least 1 month in Thailand at a Thai boxing camp
6. Visit Heidie In Charlotte, NC
7. Backpacking adventure through Kings or the Sierra's with Dad and Brother
8. Repair relationship with Susan
9. Spend a full, uninterrupted day with Mom in Texas or California
10. Become nominated supplier for Eddie Bauer, Columbia and Patagonia
11. Buy house or condo
12. See "The Devil Makes Three" in concert
13. Save $5,000 in 2009
14. Have Lasik surgery
15. Own a handgun and practice enough at the range to be competent
16. Eat via Berardi principles every day for an entire month
17. Make at least one loan through kiva.org
18. Finish reading "Chechnya Jihad"
19. Read "The End of Poverty"
20. Read "Enough"
21. Run a half marathon
22. Run a full marathon
23. Visit a brewery
24. Brew an absolute "hop-bomb" beer with Hanley
25. Run a mile in less than 5 minutes
26. Attend a major boxing event in Vegas
27. Become passing-fair at a foreign language
28. Finally watch "Full Metal Jacket"
29. Get my DVD Burner to finally work
30. Close the #2 Captains of Crush hand grippers with my left hand
31. Read "The Audacity of Hope"
32. Move into a part of San Francisco with more hustle and bustle
33. Pay off all credit card and student loan debt
34. Track finances daily for 3 months
35. Go "car-less"
36. Set up retirement plan
37. Send a thank-you note to someone every month
38. Buy a good camera
39. Research working for the State Department
40. Complete one challenging DIY project
41. Go without buying lunch for a month straight
42. Floss teeth every night
43. Make dentist appointment and keep it.
44. See the Grand Canyon
45. 1-2 gallons of water a day
46. Go wine tasting
47. Go without a store bought haircut for a year
48. Replace coffee with green tea
49. Use cash for all purchases that are not a bill or online for a month
50. Call 1 friend from home a week
51. Visit Alaska
52. Bring income to $100,000 a year
53. Write at least 30 boxing "articles"
54. Watch "House of Saddam" HBO Mini-Series
55. Watch "The Boxer"
56. Attend "Fight Night" at the San Jose Shark Tank
57. Try Absinthe
58. Visit SF zoo
59. Get beers with Will, Steve and Mike
60. Buy a decent watch
61. Completely clean inside of car
62. Make a steak marinade to be proud of
63. Read "For Whom the Bell Tolls"
64. Visit a Churrascaria
65. Hang out with an english bulldog
66. Finish reading "Guns, Germs and Steel"
67. Reduce worldly possessions - get rid of everything I don't need
68. See Antonio Margarito fight live
69. Go to one Project Luz event
70. Sleep in a hammock
71. Write a letter to the editor of Men's Health or Best Life
72. Read "What Every American Should Know about the Middle East"
73. Buy Arabic language CD's for listening to in the car
74. Train at Tommy's Gym for old time's sake
75. Meet up with Rich for beer and boxing conversation
76. Re-start jiu-jitsu or other grappling sport
77. Get absolutely hammered with Bryan
78. Play ping-pong
79. Play chess
80. Try Patron Anejo Tequila (Must sip, not shoot!)
81. Subscribe to "The Modern Outdoorsmen"
82. Attend Mirza's wedding in Bosnia
83. Attend Bernhard's wedding in Germany
84. Learn CPR
85. Play laser tag
86. Take a politics or history class at SFCC
87. Eat blueberry pancakes (homemade)
88. Watch the sun come up
89. Convert an MMA fan to boxing
90. Write 5 letters (snail mail)
91. Complete the Artist's Way morning pages every day for 2 weeks
92. Meet up with Jay for book exchange
93. Go to the beach
94. Listen to a "GSYBE" CD while doing nothing else
95. Books read list
96. Go on a camping trip by myself
97. Read the USMC survival handbook
98. Grow a vegetable of some kind
99. Run every day for a month
100. Splurge on a truly great steak dinner
101. Create a new 101 task list


Liz said...

Hey, we wouldn't have a problem if you weren't trying to be as cool as me!

SC said...

re: 55. Watch "The Boxer"

The Daniel Day-Lewis movie? It's good. Very little boxing given the title. Sort of like "The Karate Kid Part 2."