Monday, April 13, 2009

#75 - Beer & Boxing with Rich

Met up with my buddy Rich from sherdog boxing community. Rich joined Jai, Israel, myself and Mae for the Paul Williams vs Winky Wright fight at Jilian's in the SF SOMA neighborhood. 4 Bass Ales, Buffalo wings, good night of fights, and good boxing convo made for a great night.


Thursday, April 9, 2009

#43 - Make a dentist appointment and keep it

I begin this tale with my cheeks, gums and lips completely numb and falling forward with the blank look of an imbecile. I made an appointment for my first dental visit in what must be 5 years. I also kept the appointment, fulfilling the second and arguably more important part of this task. While I should have done this ages ago, what made it more pressing was the large, gaping hole in the back of my mouth. This was where a back molar crumbled into dagger-like shards after biting into something solid. If I remember correctly, it was bread.

Overall, the diagnosis wasn't too terrible. I will need a root canal on that tooth, and I need gum treatment. I started this today. The doctor numbed my lips with little needle jabs of some kind of numbing agent, and then immediately jammed at least 5 swirling metal objects in my mouth. This lasted for about 45 minutes, with some whirling, some smoking, some sucking, and others added specifically to add to the overall discomfort. I will pay $580 out of my pocket for the pleasure.


Wednesday, April 8, 2009

#48 - Replace Coffee with Green Tea

OK, this one isn't technically accomplished, but it counts because I revised it on purpose. No longer am I striving to replace coffee, I now supplement coffee intake with green tea.

Why the change?

Because Coffee is GREAT for you, and there is no reason to eliminate such a great source of anti-oxidants from your diet. Coffee actually has more anit-oxidant activity than green tea according to this study ( Coffee was found to have the highest level of active anti-oxidants of any common beverage.

Green Tea has it's own benefits, and is believed to assist in cancer prevention, lowering of cholesterol levels, and the improvement in the ratio between good and bad cholesterol.

Coffee stays. Green Tea has been added. That is all.