Thursday, April 9, 2009

#43 - Make a dentist appointment and keep it

I begin this tale with my cheeks, gums and lips completely numb and falling forward with the blank look of an imbecile. I made an appointment for my first dental visit in what must be 5 years. I also kept the appointment, fulfilling the second and arguably more important part of this task. While I should have done this ages ago, what made it more pressing was the large, gaping hole in the back of my mouth. This was where a back molar crumbled into dagger-like shards after biting into something solid. If I remember correctly, it was bread.

Overall, the diagnosis wasn't too terrible. I will need a root canal on that tooth, and I need gum treatment. I started this today. The doctor numbed my lips with little needle jabs of some kind of numbing agent, and then immediately jammed at least 5 swirling metal objects in my mouth. This lasted for about 45 minutes, with some whirling, some smoking, some sucking, and others added specifically to add to the overall discomfort. I will pay $580 out of my pocket for the pleasure.



kieraninmotion said...

I so hate going to the dentist, but I find that if you relax it is much easier than if you are tense and worried. I had a tooth pulled last year after being up all night with the pain and after feeling my tooth getting pulled out, I lost my fear of dentists!

MissKeyz said...

omg, can't. stop. laughing.

Sorry, not to be amused at your expense, but that was well written!

Anonymous said...

Smoking? Where did the smoke come from?

Martin said...

Not sure, but I distinctly remember the smoking.