Wednesday, April 8, 2009

#48 - Replace Coffee with Green Tea

OK, this one isn't technically accomplished, but it counts because I revised it on purpose. No longer am I striving to replace coffee, I now supplement coffee intake with green tea.

Why the change?

Because Coffee is GREAT for you, and there is no reason to eliminate such a great source of anti-oxidants from your diet. Coffee actually has more anit-oxidant activity than green tea according to this study ( Coffee was found to have the highest level of active anti-oxidants of any common beverage.

Green Tea has it's own benefits, and is believed to assist in cancer prevention, lowering of cholesterol levels, and the improvement in the ratio between good and bad cholesterol.

Coffee stays. Green Tea has been added. That is all.


1 comment:

Phoebe said...

I also tried replacing coffee with green tea. Did not work. Nothing will compare to the creamy goodness that is coffee. Good revision of goal :)