Monday, June 22, 2009

Spring Cleaning

Even though it's only been a hundred some-odd days since starting this 101 in 1001 plan, some of the original goals are out-dated, redundant, or less important to me. Therefore, I have gone through and made changes/revisions where appropriate. Those changes are as follows:

• 2. Blog about each completed task
*goes without saying, and it’s a waste of a goal. Replaced with “Take Yosemite Mountaineering Class”

• 13. Save $5,000 in 2009
*Changed to “save $20,000” by end of 1001 Days

• 15. Own a handgun and practice enough at the range to be competent
* Not important to me anymore, and I don’t want to spend money on it. Replaced with “Use Library for all new media needs for 6 months”

• 49. Use cash for all purchases that are not a bill or online for a month
* Want to change this because I want to use my new AMEX card for most purchases in order to take advantage of the rewards program. Replaced with “pay for all inevitable purchases with AMEX, while maintaining zero balance for 6 months”

• 60. Buy a decent watch
* Meh. My Timex Sport works fine…and it has a stopwatch for running. Replaced with “Buy a decent roadbike.”

• 69. Go to one Project Luz event
Not important to me anymore. Replace with “Hike the Sierra High Route”

• 76. Re-start jiu-jitsu or other grappling sport
* Cancelled. I would prefer to keep my focus on boxing. Replaced with “Market Test at least one Muse idea.”

• 81. Subscribe to "The Modern Outdoorsmen"
* Cancelled. I can’t keep up with my reading list as it is… Replaced with “Private Philanthropic Goal”

• 86. Take a politics or history class at SFCC
* Cancelled. Prefer to read about whatever subjects I am interested in at the time. Replaced with “Go without home TV or Internet for 1 year”

• 93. Go to the beach
* Redundant, since I already have a goal of having a bonfire at the beach. Replaced with “Write summary of every useful book I read”

• 96. Go on a camping trip
* Big-time redundant since I have so many camping/hiking-based activities already listed. Replaced with “Read the “Sierra High Route.”

• 98. Grow a vegetable of some kind
* Canceled. Don’t have the space for it…Replaced with “Go to Vegas for WAKA Championships”


Lindsay said...

I think it's a great idea to keep reevaluating your goals... I can already see that a few of mine will need to be slightly altered or changed completely. I'm enjoying your progress and the motivation I get from reading yours and other 101 in 1001 blogs :)

Anonymous said...

Marvelous idea! I did the same.

kieraninmotion said...

fits perfectly with the idea behind SMART targets. It is sometimes more useful to maintain an updated goals and targets list than just stubbornly sticking to the same ones. I no longer care that I can't trick on a BMX, that was crossed off my list recently!

RB said...

Hey Martin,

Great list. Thanks for joining my blog. Hope all goes well.