Monday, March 2, 2009

#77 - Get absolutely hammered with Bryan

If the night ends with people dressed up in Christmas tree and Indian chief costumes, it should satisfy the requirements of the loosely defined term "Hammered."


Had a great weekend down in Santa Cruz with my brother and his girlfriend. Had some good Mexican food in downtown, checked out a really cool local brewery/bar, where we had some INTENSE games of Janga. The only person not to lose all night was the only one who wasn't talking trash. For the record, that person isn't Bryan.


From there, we went back to the trailer, BBQ'd up some chicken wings with buffalo wing sauce, and played drinking games. Everyone lost and everyone won.



Anna Schmidt said...

That looks like sooo much fun! I can TOTALLY see myself in the Indian headdress with a beer in hand!

kieraninmotion said...

I live across from a nightclub just now, I've never been for two reasons: 1, I don't like nightclubs and 2, it is called "Devitos", complete with a big picture of Danny himself facing in my window everyday. I went there last night, it was terrible! You're evening looks way much more fun! Finally, if you want to get your goal to write 5 snail mail letters I'd be happy to write and receive letters over here in the UK about training and life in general.


Hanley said...

I wish I had been there.