Monday, March 16, 2009

#73 - Buy Spanish Language CD's for the Car

Before I moved to China, I had gotten into the habit of listening to Mandarin Instructional CD's on the way to work. Now, it turned out that I was moving to an area of China where only Cantonese was being spoken, but that's a different story. I actually found the sets made by Pimsleur to be very effective at learning conversational phrases and conversations.

I picked up the Spanish version last week, and have been using them on my morning commute to work. I would like you all to know that yo hablo y entiendo un poco de espanol.

Adios muchachos.


MissKeyz said...

I dunno, Martin... if your Spanish is anything like your Japanese, I would stick to something a little simpler... hey, like British or Australian... baby steps, my friend, baby steps...

... jk ;p

kieraninmotion said...

Good luck with learning a language mate, I found it hard to learn German despite its proximity to the English language!

meximama said...

i need to follow your lead and spend time on french... but i find that it just makes me want to study german again... weird!

oooh, feel free to call or email in spanish, i can always use the practice.