Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Knocking 'em Out

23. Visit a brewery
Visited Marin Brew Co. with Hanley and Jen. Sat outside in the sun for hours drinking some decent and not-so-decent pints.

32. Move into a more urban part of San Francisco
Last weekend I moved into my favorite part of the city. This is what I had pictured San Francisco living to be like before I moved from Southern California. Tall apartment building, old-school elevator, dozens of family-owned coffee shops, bars, restaurants and shops, very little parking, and the random crackhead. I love it. I love my apartment, despite being a studio. I love the neighborhood, with all it's quirks and charm. I am very, very pleased.

39. Research working for the State Department
This was appealing to me ever since I read "Children of Jihad." The idea of traveling to exotic locales, being fully engaged in meaningful and intense work is appealing. For now, it's not for me. I am not shutting the door on it entirely though.

55. Continue to use "Fup" as the gauge of a person.

Used this several times. This book is amazing, and you have to be a bit...rugged, I guess the word is, in order to appreciate it. If you like it, I believe that we will be able to connect on a deep basis. Not that it's the only way, but I do think that it's a good judge.

61. Completely clean inside of car
I didn't do it. The auto-body shop did, after repairing the damage from a hit and run, earlier this month. Thanks guys!

83. Repair relationship with Susan
Most importantly, Susan and I are back to buds again. Without going too much into personal detail, Susan and I moved to San Francisco around the same time. Both of us are from SoCal, and we worked together at Dave and Busters back in the day. We had a bit of a falling out over a misunderstanding, and we had a rift going that lasted for a good 6 months. I am very glad to say that we were able to talk and get everything hashed out. At 6 weeks after the initial conversation, we have been hanging out more often than ever before, and we are back to sharing confidences with each other. Glad to have one of my best friends in the world back in my life.



syleegurl said...

awww shucks. thanks martin! maybe THAT's our reason to get steak! :)

Hanley said...

Marin Brewing sucked. We need to go to a better brewery.

Glad you like your new place.

Cat said...

Go to Lagunitas! The brewers are so chill and they have a private bar they built inside their brewery. Mmmm...

Anonymous said...

I admire the aim for discipline. And reading some Seneca might help you out with number 50. 95, however, is never going to happen.

kieraninmotion said...

Nice, totally getting them out fast now! I really want to visit a brewery too, but since I'm in Scotland I'm sure they will all be awesome ;)

Phoebe said...

good job, martin :)