Monday, May 18, 2009

101 Goals - Beer, Steaks, Boxing and Frugality

59. Get Beers with Will, Mike and Steve
Good seeing these guys down in Southern California last week. Got to meet Steve and Lou's new addition to the family. Emma is little and doesn't do a whole lot...she has a good grip though if you give her a finger to grab. We all drank too much...

64. Visit a Churrascaria

Went to Esbetus last night with Israel. This is a Brazilian BBQ place within walking distance of the Hayes Valley neighborhood. If you haven't been to one of these, GO. Unless you are a vegetarian or vegan who hates America, Freedom, Apple Pie, and probably even Puppies. There is a full buffet with salads, fruit, rice and other side dishes, but the main event is the meat. Each table is set up with a green (meaning "go") and red (meaning "stop") button. If the green light is on, waiters will come by your table constantly with huge spits of meat and slice them onto your plate. Prime Rib, Bacon-Wrapped Chicken, Lamb Chops, etc. All you can eat. Make sure to order a Capirinha as well.

68. Read "50 Pages of Financial Freedom"

This is a guide to handling your finances and saving money by one of my favorite bloggers. The Simple Dollar is a personal finance blog, which offers a lot of money and time saving ideas, thoughts on productivity, work-life balance, etc. You can find a link to the actual post here:

56. See Local Pro's fight Live in the Bay Area
Got to see Oakland's own, Andre Ward fight at the Oakland Coliseum for the first time in his career. Ward won an Olympic gold medal in 2004 and has been brought along pretty slowly by his management. Last Saturday night was his first big test, and it came against Puerto Rico-based slugger, Edison Miranda. Miranda is crude, but has one of the hardest right hands in the sport, and has a knockout percentage in the 90's. Ward dominated the fight from start to finish and earned the unanimous decision in front of a very partisan crowd. Ward was cut in the very first round by an accidental clash of heads, but was not bothered by it for the rest of the fight. On the undercard was John Molina, a fast-rising prospect who got a 2nd round stoppage after his opponent declined to continue. Also on the card was San Francisco-based fighter, Karim Mayfield. Mayfield fights out of the Straight Forward Club (SFC) in the SoMa neighborhood, and improved to 9-0 (6 KO's), following his 2nd round demolition of opponent Roberto Valenzuela. Possibly the most impressive fighter was California-based Super Bantamweight, Rico Ramos. Ramos dominated his fight against Trinidad Mendoza, a tough and game veteran of 45 fights. Ramos has excellent hand speed and focus, and was adept at presenting angles to his overwhelmed opponent. Ramos improved to 10-0 (6 kos). Thanks go out to Rich for the tickets.


Anonymous said...

Meat, Meat, Meat sounds AMAZING. And the sagacity of prudent frugality is not to be overlooked. Overall update grade: B

Freeman said...

Hey Martin -

Freeman from sherdog/facebook here.

Really great blog, man. I just read it all today. I got a few questions for you -

Are you a lefty? do you train you grip stregnth often?

And around here (Nova Scotia, Canada) there are markets/greenhouses that you can buy transplants (young 'baby' vegetable plants) like tomato, pepper, lettuce, onions etc. I'm growing a vegetable garden this year but we're also going to have a tomato plant in a pot on our deck (amoung the flowers). Maybe putting a transplant in a pot in your appartment would be a good option for your 'vegetable growing' goal.

Bryan said...

Good shit mate. You're cranking them out.